I should be so lucky

On February 13th last year, I returned from a (surely very important and interesting) meeting, to find a handmade card on my desk. 

On the front: a FEMINIST UNICORN DJ.

It was a Galentine’s Day card from Gemma!

What’s Galentine’s Day? Let my ultimate role model Leslie Knope explain…

Celebrating lady friends is a thing I can get behind, whatever day of the year it is. So imagine my delight when this month’s Lucky Dip Club box arrived, full to the brim with Galentine’s treats! 

Lucky Dip Club is the silliest, most indulgent £15 I spend each month – and probably the one that brings me most joy. It’s run by a kitsch creative genius called Leona, and I’m pretty sure she has some kind of direct route to see my dreams, because she somehow manages to bring things into being that I didn’t even know I wanted, then deliver them direct to my door.

It’s such an unassuming little package – the size of a Graze box. Only the sticker hints at the fun that is to come…

Every month has a different theme (discos, dinosaurs, doughnuts – you get the idea). You never know quite what you’re going to get, but it will always be a carefully curated smorgasbord of stationery, jewellery, craft kits and trinkets. It never fails to bring a massive smile to my face.

Once a quarter, you get something personalised – think a wooden ice cream necklace with your name on it, a pencilcase with a monogrammed zip pull, a mirror with a design to reflect your month of birth, a harlequin print keyring in the shape of your initial, a perfectly personalised pink pencil. This used to be in every month, but Lucky Dip Club just got so popular that it became impossible. I thought I’d miss it, but the last few boxes have been so delightful in their own right that I haven’t felt the lack. 

To that end, just look at this month’s haul! 

A zine to read when you’re curled up on the sofa with a cup of coffee on a chilly Sunday morning. It’s full of articles about Leona’s collaborators, a cut-out-and-keep calendar for the month, craft ideas, articles from other LDC subscribers on topics ranging from the magic of gal pals to living with anxiety – and some very charming pictures of an extremely cute dog.

Four perfect, tiny cards for writing perfect, tiny love notes to your dearest chums. 

Worried you won’t be able to bring yourself to send that unicorn BFFs card to someone else and lose it from your own life? Never fear! Here’s an adorable enamel pin so you can keep the kitsch with you always!

Dilemma I often face with Lucky Dip Club: keep everything for myself (BECAUSE AWESOME), or save bits for my 13 year old niece (BECAUSE AWESOME). Maybe this keyring set means I won’t have to choose…

At work this week, I admired a colleague’s notebook because, “that is the notebook a unicorn would carry!“. It has a pastel ombré outside cover and a metallic inner cover with a rainbow sheen, and a row of chubby hearts along the bottom of each page. It is everything my eternally-teenage heart dreams of. I’ve been fretting about coming to the end of my own current notebook (pink; unicorn print), but Lucky Dip Club is here to save the day.

Look at that gorgeous cover! Look at that lovely, creamy paper! Look at those well-spaced lines! It’s a dream.

And last but not least…

What does every person who’s reached the end of their probationary period at their new job working for a charity which champions girls’ rights need? This awesome sparkly banner to decorate their desk, that’s what! 

And there we have it. All killer, no filler. Lucky Dip Club has my heart – and I bet it has yours, too. If you’re quick off the mark on Tuesday morning you could get yourself onto the subscribers list in time for the March box. You know you want to. 


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