Jingle Singles: Day 23. Stop The Cavalry. 

You do not always want to hear a brass band.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to spare my feelings. Sometimes a brass band doesn’t quite hit the mood you’re in. I get it. It’s ok.

But I bet you do want to hear one right now, don’t you? Of course you do. Christmas, innit!?

Going out busking Christmas carols is a jolly thing to do when you are a brass bander, because:

  • It is the one time a year that people are actually pleased to see you
  • You can wrap your instrument (and yourself) in tinsel
  • It is acceptable to partake in a mulled wine or three as you go
  • This combination of factors means that you can raise a surprising amount of money for good causes 

I like to think that Jona Lewie understood this when he put Stop The Cavalry together. 

I mean, probably he was playing with a combination of militaristic tropes and ironic whimsy to sneak his call for full nuclear disarmament into the Christmas charts. But maybe he was just paying homage to how great brass banding is at this time of year. I guess we’ll never really know.

I’ve saved Jona Lewie to late in our list, because he’s an artist that can see us all the way through to new year. Keep this one playing until Boxing Day, then warm yourself up for your party with this delightful cover of another of his greatest hits, the soundtrack to The Greatest IKEA Advert Ever Made. 


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