Jingle Singles: Day 22. Sleigh Ride. 

Like Macy Grey at the start of December, this isn’t so much about the song in general as about the specific interpretation. 

KT Tunstall sort of came and went before there was really time to form any sort of opinion about her in either direction. But luckily, in the interim, she produced some borderline perfect Christmas tracks.

This is my very favourite.

I like a slightly fey vocal. I love a bit of great percussive orchestration. I am utterly charmed by a committed execution of a Christmas classic. KTT created this for me.

Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up, let’s go. This is exactly what you need. 

[There’s no good YouTube version of this one, sorry. There’s a live performance for Radio 2 but it’s quite horrible. Sometimes you don’t actually want people to perform live. See also: Perry, Katie.]


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