Jingle Singles: Day 18. A very special bonus bumper edition.

Some people are your friends because you like all the same things. Writing these Christmas music blogs has made it super clear that my relationship with one of my oldest and best friends is not built on this foundation at all. It is possible that there is not one single Christmas song that we both enjoy. 

But, as I said at the start of December, it is a delightful thing to live in a world where we all like different things. And it’s important to be open to new experiences, so that you do not become a boring old stick in the mud.

So, for your listening pleasure today, I present three Christmas songs in tribute to seventeen marvellous years of friendship with the very best Beav in the world. 

Twisted Sister: Oh Come All Ye Faithful

(The woman in the video: it me).

Jackson 5: Santa Claus is Coming To Town

(I actually do quite like this one. Don’t tell Beav).

Kate Miller-Heidke feat. The Beards: I’m Growing A Beard Downstairs For Christmas 

Truly, a sentiment we can all get behind. 


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