Jingle Singles: Day 12. Merry Xmas Everybody.

I’ve had some constructive feedback that there aren’t enough tunes in this rundown that anyone except me either likes or has heard of. Feedback is a gift, and all that, and at Christmas as at all times of year we must accept gifts in the spirit that they are given. 

Let’s turn our attention then, to a song that has been repeatedly voted The Nation’s Favourite Christmas Song since its first release in 1973.

Celebrity Fun Fact! Noddy Holder used to be next door neighbour to Mark’s Grandma. It remains unclear whether he was ever actually heard shouting “It’s Chriiiiiiiistmaaaaaas!” through the adjoining wall, but let’s assume he was, yeah?

What makes this such a perrennial favourite, then?

  • Rhetorical questions. Of course I’m hanging my stocking on the wall! Of course Santa rides a red nosed reindeer! Thanks for making me feel involved, Slade!
  • Universalities. We like to feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Thanks for making me feel involved, Slade!
  • Hopefulness. We feel full of love and cheer because it is Christmas. We believe, in that moment, that these are feelings that can last forever. We look to the future; things have only just begun. Thanks for making me feel involved, Slade!
  • Guitars. Yay, guitars!

So there we are, chums: an accepted Christmas classic, to mark the nearly-halfway point of this festive countdown. (Ab)normal service will resume tomorrow.


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