Jingle Singles: Day 9. I Want An Alien For Christmas.

Time for something we can bop around to. 

Isn’t that the most brilliantly early-2000s sounding Christmas song? (It was on the Teachers soundtrack for one of their Christmas episodes – is there anything more of-its-time than that?) 

It’s got no bells, no choir, no messages of peace and goodwill. But it’s got a beat that makes me want to dance around my kitchen, and sometimes that’s all I want from a song. 

And, thankfully, it still holds up for some gleeful bopping. I tried to revisit some of my other old pop-punk favourites recently, and they were so lyrically horrible that I couldn’t get through them. (Looking at you, Blink 182). Why was 13 year old me happily singing along to gross, misogynistic lyrics? Did I not understand them, or did I think they were OK, or WHAT? Killjoy feminism, ruining everyone’s fun again. 

This song makes me think of listening to Radio 1 in my living room with my sister, playing an early-90s edition of Trivial Pursuit and pre-emptively devouring the best ones from the  Quality Street tin. It’s a cosy, composite memory and it brings me great happiness. What more could I ask?


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