Jingle Singles: Day 7. Walking In The Air.

Have you ever been around me when Walking In The Air is playing? If so, I will have inevitably insisted on telling you that it’s NOT ACTUALLY ALED JONES SINGING ON THE SNOWMAN. It’s a decidedly less photogenic choirboy named Peter Auty.

Don’t feel bad for him, though. He’s gone on to have an operatic career and he sang on a British Rail ad: This is the Age of the Train! Beats Songs of Praise any day.

Anyway, that bit of housekeeping out of the way, let’s remind ourselves how very lovely Walking In The Air is:

All the music from The Snowman is gorgeous; if it’s a while since you watched it, you’re overdue a revisit. (The full thing is on YouTube). 

Of course, at school we had no interest in its loveliness, and instead screeched at each other in the playground: I’M WALKING IN THE AIR! I’VE LOST MY UNDERWEAR… OH YEAH! 

Ungrateful wenches.

I feel like The Snowman is timeless, but perhaps that’s just a side effect of its ubiquity in my childhood. Maybe children today don’t like it nearly as much. That would explain why it was felt necessary to make The Snowman and the Snowdog a couple of years ago, to try to zhuzh things up a bit. I reject said zhuzhing, and firmly believe that TSATS is non-canonical and should be disregarded. Say no to snowdogs.

Say YES, though, to Walking In The Air on your Christmas playlist. It’s a beaut. 


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