Jingle Singles: Day 5. Last Christmas.

Time for another bit of 80s goodness, courtesy of Wham!

Tell me that isn’t the best video to a Christmas song you’ve ever seen. YOU CAN’T. IT IS. 

This video and this song are the epitome of the phrase “camp as Christmas”. I love them so. 

My sister and I used to have a Jackie annual from 1989. In it was a glorious photo story about a girl who faints in a lift and meets George Michael and has her first kiss (not with him) all in the space of about 7 minutes. Terribly dramatic. With our cynical modern eyes, it’s bizarre that anyone ever believed George was straight – but then, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are teen heart throbs despite (because of?) the Larry shippers. You don’t need your crush to fancy you back for them to give you fizzy knickers.

Unlike the last 80s song we enjoyed, I fully recommend taking on this one at the karaoke. You will especially enjoy hiss-whispering MERRY CHRISTMAS, and emoting with your spare hand as you croon twiiiice shy-y-y, and the bit near the end where you get to belt YOU GAAAAVE IT AWAAAYYYYY. Guaranteed crowdpleaser. 

Though there have been some reasonable cover versions by some tip-top pop stars (looking at you, Hillary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, Billie Piper, Ariana Grande, WHIGFIELD), none quite captures the synthy brilliance of the original. That said, when JLS performed it in the Christmas week of The X Factor, it gave us the second best moment in Christmas X Factor history:


(The first best moment in Christmas X Factor history was, of course, Same Difference’s bonkers airborne elftastic creepy non-sibling-appropriate performance of All I Want For Christmas Is You. 

There was no reason for the show to continue after this point. This was the pinnacle.)


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