Jingle Singles: Day 4. Winter Wonderland.

Right, the last two days have been unexpectedly messagey for a series that’s ostensibly about jolly things. So let’s turn our ears to something wholeheartedly festive: Winter Wonderland as sung by Macy Gray. Unlike yesterday, when I told you any version of O Holy Night would do, with this track I want Macy or nothing. 

Of course, any opportunity to hear Macy’s gravel voice will always be a treat. I still remember the very first time I heard I Try on the radio, as I was in bed one evening. I fell in love with her voice instantly. It was months before I heard it again and found out who it was by. (Insert the youth of today don’t know they’re born grumble here).

In this arrangement of Winter Wonderland, that gorgeous voice is coupled with perfect orchestration. The lazy, lolloping percussion line is so, so charming: the bells, woodblock and glockenspiel melding together to capture the essence of a friendly reindeer. I could listen to it on repeat at least seven times before wanting to stop. (What am I saying, “could”? Have, obviously). 

The lyrics are a bit nuts, sure. A snowman does not have the legal right to marry you, Macy, I’m sorry. But who needs total sense from their pop songs? Not me, that’s for sure. So onto the playlist Winter Wonderland goes. 

Important side note: Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland is unworthy of the name and should be disregarded. 

See you tomorrow for more merrymaking, chums. 


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