Dream a little dream of me [and/or cats]

My best ever dream happened about 8 years ago. I say “best ever” without hesitation, because I cannot imagine a better dream ever ever ever.

I know there is nothing more boring than hearing about other people’s dreams, but I don’t care. This was better than any dream you have ever had. 

What was this dream?


I have explained this many times over the years, so I am ready to answer your questions…

You mean you were in the bath and there were cats in the bath with you?

No. No I do not. Not a bath with cats. A bath of cats.

So instead of water: cats?


Weren’t the ones underneath getting squashed?

No. In the dream, I could achieve buoyancy in the cats. I was floating. In the cats.

But weren’t they uncomfortable?

No. It was a lovely experience for everyone involved. They LIKED being a bath.

Were you lying down?

I was sort of diagonal. It was a deep bath.

That doesn’t sound like it would be nice. 

You’re wrong. It does.


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