“That’s the worst fare it’s possible to get.”

Oh. Is it? 

I have annoyed my taxi driver before we have even left the car park at Bridgend station.

This is an abrupt comedown after having just been a MODERN DAY HERO by lending a woman my power bar on the train. 

“It’s the one way system, see? It’s only a 6 quid fare but it’s a nightmare to get anywhere afterwards, and then you’ve missed all the others waiting. Do you like Queen, do you?”

Do I… like Queen? Yes?

“He was incredible, wasn’t he, that Freddie Mercury? An incredible talent, he was. And that other guy, what’s his name? Not Adam Ant. The guy from the Queen Extravaganza, you know? My name’s Mac by the way. I’ve grown a big black beard at the moment! [He hadn’t.] You’ve seen him on YouTube though, haven’t you, this guy? Incredible talent. Auditioned to be the official Freddie Mercury stand in, he did. It’s my birthday tomorrow. Guess how old I’m going to be?”

Twenty two? [The answer was clearly not twenty two.]

“TWENTY TWO! HAHAHAHA! No! I’m going to be thirty seven, I am! We’re here now. Have you got five minutes? I’ll show you him on YouTube, see? Incredible talent, he is.”

[We spend five minutes watching a video of a man singing “Somebody to Love”. It is like the Hollyoaks incident in the hairdresser all over again.]

“Alright then, have a lovely day now, see you later then, bye love, bye.”



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